How Water Helped Me Lose Weight

In the past, I’ve been very eager in testing everything I could get my hands on, just so I could become thinner. Without stepping on the weighing scale and simply looking at myself in the full-body mirror, I’m pretty sure I’m getting a lot closer to my standard of a fit body. I firmly believe my efforts from the previous months have paid off, and a lot of it I attribute to simply drinking lots of water.

water lose weight

How exactly did I end up weighing 5 pounds lighter in a month? There’s not much that I incorporated with consuming at least 8 glasses of water and limiting other beverages, aside from the normal 30-minute exercise per day and taking saffron extract. Yes, you can indeed take saffron extract for weight loss, though I found it a lot more effective if you don’t rely on a single method for cutting off those extra pounds.

I’ve read from a magazine that water has a number of therapeutic effects on our body, but what interested me is the fact that it can actually aid in weight loss. It doesn’t directly target those fats that you’ve been storing for quite a while around your belly or other noticeable body parts, but it helps with increasing your metabolism, especially when drinking it as soon as you wake up.

So what I did is drank water every time I get up from the bed in the morning. I also made it a point to consume at least 16 ounces of water daily. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I noticed that I’m not feeling as hungry as I did when I was still ignoring how important water is for the body.

After a whole month of doing this, I’m actually relieved. I never experienced this healthy feeling before, despite the same intensity of exercises I’ve engaged myself with. And the best thing is I won’t be eating as much because I’ve gotten used to drinking an entire glass of water whenever I can.

My Best Buddy… a Wiener Dog!

I love dogs…

All my life I wanted one but my parents didn’t want one.

We lived in a small apartment and they did said it was not appropriate to have a dog.

I respect that. I love mom and dad… Kisses!

I moved to my own apartment a few years ago… even smaller than my parent’s apartment.

I got a job, than I lost it… Then a got another and lost it again… pretty complicated times… I barely had the money to pay the rent.

One year ago I finally got a stable job that I love…

So I decided to get a companion… a dog!

As my flat is tiny I decided to get a tiny dog also… a cute miniature wire haired Dachshund!

His name is Pluto… Why? Because I’m a huge fan of Pluto and Goofy!

miniature dachshund

Pluto taking a walk

He’s very young but has already his own personality. He’s stubborn but very smart.

He already does a couple of tricks.

I’ll definitely have to shoot a video of his performance!

For those thinking of getting a job I have some advice:

Getting a dog is like get a son or a daughter… So you really need to make sure that is really what you want. It’s will also cost you money. Dogs have to eat and go to the vet to take vaccines… They can get ill… I advise you to look for a pet insurance that covers the most common health conditions.

But once you get a companion there’s no way out… you’re hooked! He’s my best friend already. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be able to count on him for everything. So I’ll try to be the best owner and buddy to Pluto!

Weight Loss Hype

Is there to much hype behind weight loss miraculous pills and supplements?

Yes… There are!

But all of them?

Perhaps not…

All it takes is a supplement being featured in Dz. Oz show and “voilá”… the hype begins!

Why? Because most people trust Dr. Mehmet Oz.


I like his show… It seems legit. But I also realize that there’s a business behind it!

And businesses benefits from positive hypes.

So sometimes they create them.

Does Dr. Oz create all theses hypes?

I don’t think so… But there hundreds, or even thousands of companies and people doing it.

Take the example of advance garcinia cambogia extract… Garcinia has been used in many parts of the world for many years now… But it became “famous” when it was featured in the show.

So now the next question is: “does garcinia work?”

Several clinical trials have shown that its main constituent, hydroxycitric acid, acts in several positive ways:

  1. It increases your body capability of metabolizing fats, resulting in a decrease of lipid levels and thus LDL cholesterol levels…
  2. It can improve fat digestion and also the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.
  3. Sends signals to your brain saying that you’re satiated… so you eat less!

There several tests point out to the same results, indicating that this may be the “real thing”.

Anyhow there’s no such thing as a miraculous weight loss supplement…. If you want to lose weight and you persist in having a bad and sedentary lifestyle I’ll bet that no pill will do the work!

Are you addicted to appliances?

Are people fully addicted to gadgets and appliances? Can they live without them?

Imagine you wake up one day and… you don’t know what time it is. There’s no clock. Thus, there’s no alarm also. Are you late to work? You don’t know… No problem! You turn on the TV and find the answer there. But, where’s the television? You don’t find it also. What !? Suddenly you notice that you don’t find your laptop and smartphone… Are you in panic already?

You decide you need to calm down and have a great breakfast. A warm glass of milk and a toast will be perfect. You grab the milk and the bread, but you cannot also find the microwave and the toaster.

I don’t know about you, but if it was me in this situation I would be really freaking out !!!

Electric Rice CookerRecently, I woke up, took my breakfast (I could find the microwave and the toaster), but when I started to work (I work at home) my laptop wouldn’t start. Later I discovered that the disk had a major failure and I had to replace it. Three days without my laptop… My levels of stress sky-rocketed!! Later that day I was giving a small party… One hour before I started to cook. I always use an electric rice cooker. I just love this appliance! But… another problem: I didn’t work. Luckily I could ask a nice neighbor to lend me her rice cooker and do the job on time!

I think I need to be less dependent on these gadgets and appliances, because if one day I wake up and be in the scenario described initially I don’t don’t if I’ll survive! :)