Are you addicted to appliances?

Are people fully addicted to gadgets and appliances? Can they live without them?

Imagine you wake up one day and… you don’t know what time it is. There’s no clock. Thus, there’s no alarm also. Are you late to work? You don’t know… No problem! You turn on the TV and find the answer there. But, where’s the television? You don’t find it also. What !? Suddenly you notice that you don’t find your laptop and smartphone… Are you in panic already?

You decide you need to calm down and have a great breakfast. A warm glass of milk and a toast will be perfect. You grab the milk and the bread, but you cannot also find the microwave and the toaster.

I don’t know about you, but if it was me in this situation I would be really freaking out !!!

Electric Rice CookerRecently, I woke up, took my breakfast (I could find the microwave and the toaster), but when I started to work (I work at home) my laptop wouldn’t start. Later I discovered that the disk had a major failure and I had to replace it. Three days without my laptop… My levels of stress sky-rocketed!! Later that day I was giving a small party… One hour before I started to cook. I always use an electric rice cooker. I just love this appliance! (by the way, read this article about its benefits: But… another problem: I didn’t work. Luckily I could ask a nice neighbor to lend me her rice cooker and do the job on time!

I think I need to be less dependent on these gadgets and appliances, because if one day I wake up and be in the scenario described initially I don’t don’t if I’ll survive! :)