Wiener Stampede!

It’s time for the Super Bowl 50… And each year advertisers come with awesome commercials. The prize for the best one goes to Heinz!

The commercial opens with an adorable wiener dogs running through an open, grassy field. Pretty soon, its joined by a stampede of other dachshunds in hilarious hot dog costumes!

Isn’t this the best commercial of all time?

The Poodle Is Truly a Wonderful Dog Breed

The Poodle Is Truly a Wonderful Dog Breed with Outstanding Qualities.

One of the first dog breeds that I shot for my Animal Antics arrangement was a miniature poodle. We shot him for the cheer driving poodles picture. You could tell he was smart…and surely was a somewhat of a swindler. He would race around the studio looking out for what everybody was doing…until it came time to shoot him. Every time we began to shoot he would all of a sudden think of a limp and could scarcely walk. When we would complete our session off he would race with no indication of difficulty!

The poodle is really a great dog breed with some remarkable qualities. The breed is for the most part perceived as coming in three sizes, standard, miniature and toy…though teacup poodles are additionally accessible. They have hair instead of fur…so they are, as a result, hypoallergenic and don’t shed.

Poodles are greatly wise and take well to preparing. They learn quickly…but on the grounds that they likewise overlook gradually a proprietor must be steady or danger hatred. Poodles are a durable breed and live somewhere around 10 and 18 years and now and again up to 21 years. They are, then again, powerless to various hereditary health issues. Like most expansive dog breeds, Standard poodles require a decent measure of activity yet are agreeable in essentially any size of home. Of the three sizes, standard, miniature and toy, measures are viewed as the most versatile.

The breed is an old one… there are resemblance of Poodle-like dogs on Roman coins and Egyptian carvings. There are references to Poodles as far back as the fifteenth century in France, Holland and Italy. The main reference to Poodles being great swimmers was in 1642 (the Poodle was initially bread as a water retriever). The “Poodle Clip” was begun to help diminish resistance in the water. The patches of hair left covering the indispensable organs and joints were left to help ensure those regions. In France the Poodle is the national breed and is utilized for truffle hunting and additionally the more expected duck hunting.

The standard poodle is a really an adaptable breed and notwithstanding being fantastic water retrievers they have served as aide dogs, in law enforcement…and even competed in the Alaskan Iditarod Sled dog race! Miniature poodles are now and then considered as “one individual” dogs, yet are faithful, can be a child’s closest companion and make great trial dogs. They do have a tendency to think they are greater than they truly are and one must be watchful of their defensive tendency…particularly around different dogs. Toy poodles make extraordinary associates and are particularly great when quarters are tight.

Here are some question that you may have:

  1. Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?
  2. Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Poodles are excessively savvy, making it impossible to be “low maintenance” pets…but should be a general and predictable piece of their proprietor’s lives. Poodle’s jackets should be kept all around prepped or their jackets could get to be unsavory to be around, and in compelling cases it can be a health danger. Poodles have an extraordinary disposition…are lively and sure and can make a really incredible partner.

Using Flex belt to Achieve The Elusive Toned Abs

One of the innovative and practical belts ever invented is the flex belt, imagining of a life without having really to work out is a dream come true for many individuals who have over the years struggled with attaining that flat stomach or six pack. First thought to be a gimmick like all the rest of the innovation, the flex belt is helping hundred of individuals attain their desired look with minimal exercise routine.


Concept of the flex belt

Simply put this use a precise concept that basically targets the abdominal muscles in an individual. It use pre- positioned medical grade gel and central and external oblique’s. The most concentrated nerves receive signals from the belt and thus react by contracting and relaxing over the overall abdominal muscles a period of time. The uniqueness of this is that one is able to control the exact amount of level of muscle exercise that the abdominal muscles are receiving. Nonetheless just like working out in a gym or doing sit ups in the comfort of the home, starters are advised to start at the lowest level and work their weight up to the highest level. This will ensure that you do not suffer any sore muscles in regard to it. Read this flex belt review.

Usage of the flex belt

With correct use for the allocated time period of 30 minutes a day, the flex belt enables an individual to attain stronger toned up abdominal section like never before. It is virtually unnoticeable and one can continue with their every day activity without hindrance. The design of the flex belt is medically approved and deemed safe for any individual to use with no worries. Its use not only guarantees great results but the flex belt eliminates a lifetime of doing crunches and sit ups and viewing the toned up stomach and abdominal muscles as a dream.

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My Decision, My Future

I knew him when he was young and lean, full of life and has boundless energy. Now, when I visit their home, I see him sitting in front of his laptop, unshaved, and eating his favorite snack—a liter of soda and the largest bag of chips available at the grocery store. Meet the new breed of couch potatoes!

She was never popular in school since she was overweight but I like her as a friend. She got her first great heartbreak in college when her boyfriend left her for someone who’s undeniably more attractive. Now, with her glowing skin and lean physique, she’s an ugly duckling that transformed into a swan.

Both of these people did a very crucial decision when they hit their 30s. The first one unknowingly decided to become fat, while the second one decided to find a alternative lifestyle. I heard she was using an effective supplement – yacon syrup (side effects aren’t associated with this health booster). Where do you get it? Best way is to buy Yacon Syrup online.

yacon root

Study shows that the yacon plant contains healthy sugars that help the intestines digest food at an efficient pace, lowering blood glucose levels. Hence, it helps people suffering from diabetes and those who are obese or overweight. A change of diet and adhering to a fitness regimen that suits me perfectly has also helped me deter the onset of unwanted weight gain.

Like my friend who is preparing to get married next month, you can make a decision today that would affect your life tomorrow.

Are you ready for a big transformation? Well… I am!

A Workout Tailored for Me

In my last post I wrote about how a water helped me to lose weight… now it’s time to get really fit!

A good workout is one of my favorite ways to keep my body healthy. Experimenting on many fitness programs over the years, I have come to pinpoint exactly what I want to see and get before I sign up or end up just wasting my money and effort.

For an exercise plan to work for me, I must be able to keep track of the progress I make in a regular basis. Most of the programs that I have joined in the past, although showing promising results, became stagnant over time. I did the same routines for long stretches and it got so boring I ended quitting.

One of my colleagues heard of Tacfit by Scott Sonnon and explained to me how this program is different from ones I have tried before. Through the Tacfit system, I will be able to monitor my progress and advance from one level to another depending on my performance.

I immediately looked it up in the web and saw for myself what the program was about. It actually has three parts – the warm up, the exercise progressions, and the cool down. While the first and last parts are SOPs in regular workout programs, the main event of Tacfit is its progressive exercises.

For example, I have graduated from the regular level suitcase deadlift, I can immediately proceed to the one-legged Romanian deadlift. Other workouts also have more advanced counterparts. Plank pull progress to half knee, sit through to extension, kettlebell bench press to bridge press, spinal rocks to pike and table lift to tripod vertical.

Tacfit Scott Sonnon One Leg Romanian Deadlifts

I look forward to trying Tacfit. Now, I can determine if I have advanced on the next level with the type of exercises given to me by my trainer. I no longer need to estimate through guessing if I am making progress with my fitness plan or just wasting time and money on something that does not offer anything new.

How Water Helped Me Lose Weight

In my last post I’ve wrote about my best buddy… a puppy… now it’s time to resume the main topic of this blog…

In the past, I’ve been very eager in testing everything I could get my hands on, just so I could become thinner. Without stepping on the weighing scale and simply looking at myself in the full-body mirror, I’m pretty sure I’m getting a lot closer to my standard of a fit body. I firmly believe my efforts from the previous months have paid off, and a lot of it I attribute to simply drinking lots of water.

water lose weight

How exactly did I end up weighing 5 pounds lighter in a month? There’s not much that I incorporated with consuming at least 8 glasses of water and limiting other beverages, aside from the normal 30-minute exercise per day and taking saffron extract. Yes, you can indeed take saffron extract for weight loss, though I found it a lot more effective if you don’t rely on a single method for cutting off those extra pounds.

I’ve read from a magazine that water has a number of therapeutic effects on our body, but what interested me is the fact that it can actually aid in weight loss. It doesn’t directly target those fats that you’ve been storing for quite a while around your belly or other noticeable body parts, but it helps with increasing your metabolism, especially when drinking it as soon as you wake up.

So what I did is drank water every time I get up from the bed in the morning. I also made it a point to consume at least 16 ounces of water daily. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I noticed that I’m not feeling as hungry as I did when I was still ignoring how important water is for the body.

After a whole month of doing this, I’m actually relieved. I never experienced this healthy feeling before, despite the same intensity of exercises I’ve engaged myself with. And the best thing is I won’t be eating as much because I’ve gotten used to drinking an entire glass of water whenever I can.

My Best Buddy… a Wiener Dog!

This post it’s a bit off-topic… I’m not going to talk about weight loss or fitness!

But I love dogs… So here it goes…

All my life I wanted one but my parents didn’t want one.

We lived in a small apartment and they did said it was not appropriate to have a dog.

I respect that. I love mom and dad… Kisses!

I moved to my own apartment a few years ago… even smaller than my parent’s apartment.

I got a job, than I lost it… Then a got another and lost it again… pretty complicated times… I barely had the money to pay the rent.

One year ago I finally got a stable job that I love…

So I decided to get a companion… a dog!

As my flat is tiny I decided to get a tiny dog also… a cute miniature wire haired Dachshund!

His name is Pluto… Why? Because I’m a huge fan of Pluto and Goofy!

miniature dachshund

Pluto taking a walk

He’s very young but has already his own personality. He’s stubborn but very smart.

He already does a couple of tricks.

I’ll definitely have to shoot a video of his performance!

For those thinking of getting a job I have some advice:

Getting a dog is like get a son or a daughter… So you really need to make sure that is really what you want. It’s will also cost you money. Dogs have to eat and go to the vet to take vaccines… They can get ill… I advise you to look for a pet insurance that covers the most common health conditions.

But once you get a companion there’s no way out… you’re hooked! He’s my best friend already. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be able to count on him for everything. So I’ll try to be the best owner and buddy to Pluto!