Weight Loss Hype

Is there to much hype behind weight loss miraculous pills and supplements?

Yes… There are!

Tonight with John Oliver: Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements:

But all of them?

Perhaps not…

All it takes is a supplement being featured in Dz. Oz show and “voilá”… the hype begins!

Why? Because most people trust Dr. Mehmet Oz.


I like his show… It seems legit. But I also realize that there’s a business behind it!

And businesses benefits from positive hypes.

So sometimes they create them.

Does Dr. Oz create all theses hypes?

I don’t think so… But there hundreds, or even thousands of companies and people doing it.

Take the example of advanced garcinia cambogia extract… Garcinia has been used in many parts of the world for many years now… But it became “famous” when it was featured in the show.

So now the next question is: “does garcinia work?”

Several clinical trials have shown that its main constituent, hydroxycitric acid, acts in several positive ways:

  1. It increases your body capability of metabolizing fats, resulting in a decrease of lipid levels and thus LDL cholesterol levels…
  2. It can improve fat digestion and also the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.
  3. Sends signals to your brain saying that you’re satiated… so you eat less!

There several tests point out to the same results, indicating that this may be the “real thing”.

Anyhow there’s no such thing as a miraculous weight loss supplement…. If you want to lose weight and you persist in having a bad and sedentary lifestyle I’ll bet that no pill will do the work!