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A Workout Tailored for Me

In my last post I wrote about how a water helped me to lose weight… now it’s time to get really fit!

A good workout is one of my favorite ways to keep my body healthy. Experimenting on many fitness programs over the years, I have come to pinpoint exactly what I want to see and get before I sign up or end up just wasting my money and effort.

For an exercise plan to work for me, I must be able to keep track of the progress I make in a regular basis. Most of the programs that I have joined in the past, although showing promising results, became stagnant over time. I did the same routines for long stretches and it got so boring I ended quitting.

One of my colleagues heard of Tacfit by Scott Sonnon and explained to me how this program is different from ones I have tried before. Through the Tacfit system, I will be able to monitor my progress and advance from one level to another depending on my performance.

I immediately looked it up in the web and saw for myself what the program was about. It actually has three parts – the warm up, the exercise progressions, and the cool down. While the first and last parts are SOPs in regular workout programs, the main event of Tacfit is its progressive exercises.

For example, I have graduated from the regular level suitcase deadlift, I can immediately proceed to the one-legged Romanian deadlift. Other workouts also have more advanced counterparts. Plank pull progress to half knee, sit through to extension, kettlebell bench press to bridge press, spinal rocks to pike and table lift to tripod vertical.

Tacfit Scott Sonnon One Leg Romanian Deadlifts

I look forward to trying Tacfit. Now, I can determine if I have advanced on the next level with the type of exercises given to me by my trainer. I no longer need to estimate through guessing if I am making progress with my fitness plan or just wasting time and money on something that does not offer anything new.