My Best Buddy… a Wiener Dog!

This post it’s a bit off-topic… I’m not going to talk about weight loss or fitness!

But I love dogs… So here it goes…

All my life I wanted one but my parents didn’t want one.

We lived in a small apartment and they did said it was not appropriate to have a dog.

I respect that. I love mom and dad… Kisses!

I moved to my own apartment a few years ago… even smaller than my parent’s apartment.

I got a job, than I lost it… Then a got another and lost it again… pretty complicated times… I barely had the money to pay┬áthe rent.

One year ago I finally got a stable job that I love…

So I decided to get a companion… a dog!

As my flat is tiny I decided to get a tiny dog also… a cute miniature wire haired Dachshund!

His name is Pluto… Why? Because I’m a huge fan of Pluto and Goofy!

miniature dachshund

Pluto taking a walk

He’s very young but has already his own personality. He’s stubborn but very smart.

He already does a couple of tricks.

I’ll definitely have to shoot a video of his performance!

For those thinking of getting a job I have some advice:

Getting a dog is like get a son or a daughter… So you really need to make sure that is really what you want. It’s will also cost you money. Dogs have to eat and go to the vet to take vaccines… They can get ill… I advise you to look for a pet insurance that covers the most common health conditions.

But once you get a companion there’s no way out… you’re hooked! He’s my best friend already. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be able to count on him for everything. So I’ll try to be the best owner and buddy to Pluto!